What is chronic childhood malnutrition?

It is the condition that children suffer caused by the lack of adequate nutrition in the first thousand days of life, which begins from gestation to two years of age.

During this stage the physical and intellectual potential of the child develops and therefore must be prevented.

1 in 2 children suffers from it in Guatemala.

The situation of children in Guatemala is not good. We have 3.4% infant mortality. Our main problem is chronic malnutrition. The main causes of infant mortality are pneumonia and acute diarrheal diseases, and 54% of these diseases are associated with some degree of malnutrition. It is the basic problem of childhood, which has many consequences and perpetuates the entire cycle of poverty. School dropout is very high and is largely due not to a lack of opportunities, but to the consequences of malnutrition itself: children's ability to concentrate decreases and they end up dropping out of school. In Guatemala, 49.8% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition, that is, 1 out of every 2. It is the first place in Latin America and the sixth in the world in terms of child malnutrition.

It must be prevented because its consequences are irreversible.

Neural Connections of a
Malnourished Child

Neural Connections of a
Nourished Child

It manifests as a delay in growth and limits the child's capacity for learning and development.

How does child malnutrition affect Guatemalan society?

It is a very serious problem for the country. The analogy that is made is that acute malnutrition is a death sentence, but chronic malnutrition is a life sentence, because that implies that the child will not have an adequate future, will not have opportunities for study or education. employment, and you are not going to be a productive adult. This affects development enormously: it will not be possible to leave being a developing country if the malnutrition situation is not fixed. Guatemala loses more than 3 billion dollars annually due to malnutrition.

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