We are changing Guatemala

We have worked for the past 10 years in Guatemala, generating sustainable impact with over 7,456 people and 86 communities across Guatemala's rural area.  

We work with groups of women living in vulnerable communities that understand the impact malnutrition has on their family´s future and are willing to work towards a healthier lifestyle for them an their children.

We provide intensive training in food and nutritional security, food preparation, child stimulation, agricultural activities, local associations for savings and credits and income generation.

We are family-centered, even though our primary focus is in woman, we have specific initiatives both for husband and children.

Our mission

Prevent chronic malnutrition through skill development in women and their families.

Our vision

A new generation of healthier Guatemalans with access to better opportunities.

Our Team

Our primary strenght relies in our Team. We have over 50 technicians in our team who train and develop families throughout the whole program.

Our Team not only speaks the local languange but also lives in the community, allowing long term relationships to form between program members and out Team.

Metrics we are working to transform


    According to UNICEF, Guatemala holds the first place in chronic malnutrition in America.


    According to World Food Program, Guatemala holds fifth place in chronic malnutrition in the world.

  • an outstanding rate

    According to UNICEF, one out of two children in Guatemala suffer chronic malnutrition.


Our focus is to develop competencies in women in order to prevent malnutrition, also generating an impact in her family and community. Change in behaviors, habits and good practices is achieved in a three-year period.



Upbringing with love

Family budget


National Presence

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Santa María Cahabón (active project)

  • Graduated partners: 1,247
  • Active partners: 1,200

San José Poaquil (active project)

  • Graduated partners: 1,132
  • Active partners: 600

Chichicastenango (finished project)

  • Graduated partners: 101

San Rafael Las Flores (finished project)

  • Graduated partners: 410

Board of Directors

Erick Francisco
de León Chay


Eugenia María Rodríguez Schlesinger de Toscana

Vide President

Judith Elizabeth Sosa González de Sosa


Julia Marta Eugenia Grajeda Vargas de Pérez


Margarita María
Klose Rosales

Vocal 1

María José
Fernandez Goubaud

Vocal 2

Carmen María
de Mejicano

Vocal 3

Ana Ethel
Navas de Méndez

Vocal 4

Carol Christine Klose
Pieters de Fernandez

Vocal 5

Villanueva Sosa

Vocal 6

Edna Cristina Lima
Villela de Morales

Vocal 7

Margarita Wendy Widmann Lagarde de Berger

Vocal 8

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Our success depends on the generosity of people like you.


An extra pair of hands is always needed at the office or with the community.


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