We are changing Guatemala

How do we do it?

We work with groups of women from vulnerable communities, who understand the problem and are willing to prevent chronic malnutrition in their children younger than 2 years. We offer them workshops on food safety and nutrition, meal preparation, timely stimulation, farming activities, local savings and credit associations, and income generation.

These women sign up to our program as Partners; their husbands and children younger than 2 years participate in the program as well.

Our mission

Prevent chronic malnutrition through the development of skills in women and their families.

Our vision

A new generation of healthier guatemalans with better opportunities.

Indicators we want to transform

  • We hold the first place

    According to UNICEF, Guatemala has the highest chronic malnutrition rate in America.

  • we hold the fifth place

    According to WFP, Guatemala is the fifth country in the world with the worst problem of chronic malnutrition in childhood.

  • one of every two children

    According to UNICEF, one in every two children in Guatemala suffers from chronic malnutrition.


We  focus on developing skills in women to prevent malnutrition, producing a multiplier effect on their families and community.  This change of behavior, habits and good practices is achieved through a 3 year period.



Loving upbringing



National Coverage

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This project has been completed.

This project has been completed.