How do we do it?

We are focused in preventing chronic malnutrition. Therefore, we implement strategies that allow effective prevention and  advancement of this condition in children under two years of age.

The best way to do so is by educating and empowering the mother to make the right nutritional decisions for herself and her family. Through a three year program we provide her with the tools and information on: nutrition, hygiene, child rearing, family income and health.


Program Objectives

Community Leadership


We train and develop community leaders in order to  advocate and promote activities that enhance child development.


  • Leadership training to develop community organizing capacities
  • Leadership training for our Guiding Mothers
  • Health service promotion

Skill development


We develop the right knowledge and practices to promote child growth and development through training and  personalized counseling.

Training is focused in:

  • Hygiene and basic sanitation
  • Nutrition
  • Loving care and timely stimulation

Personalized counseling is focused in:

  • Growth promotion and checks
  • Emergency interventions to prevent chronic malnutrition

Family orchards and livestock


We provide knowledge and tools for families to have orchards and small livestock at home to have better access to nutritous food.

Orchards and livestock is achieved through:

  • Diversified patches
  • Diversified plots
  • Raising of small animal species

Surplus can be sold to generate a stable family income.

Family economy


We develop knowledge and practices to correctly manage family savings and budget.

Develops knowledge in:

  • Family budget planning
  • Savings
  • Investment priorization in: health, nutrition, education and home improvement
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