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Our objective is to prevent chronic malnutrition from happening. That is why we work to prevent, stop or reduce low growth rate in children under 2 years through a behavioral change in the mother and the family.

Our main objective is to strengthen skills and competencies in women and their families regarding nutrition and children development during the three years of participation in the program "Dando la talla" (hit the growth mark), in order to prevent chronic malnutrition.

This program has five axes:

  1. Hygiene and sanitation
  2. Nutrition
  3. Loving upbringing
  4. Promoting awareness of growth monitoring
  5. Access to health services
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Objectives of this program

Training for community self management


That leaders and community actors advocate and promote activities regarding children nutrition and development.

Seeks sustainability through:

  • Strengthening of self management capacities in leaders
  • Training monitor mothers
  • Promoting the use of health services

Development of competencies in women and families


Develop knowledge, attitudes and practices to promote children growth and development.

Seeks to generate good practices in families regarding:

  • Hygiene and basic sanitation
  • Nutrition
  • Loving care and timely stimulation

And it complements with:

  • Growth promotion and checks
  • Emergency interventions to prevent chronic malnutrition

Farming activities for family consumption


Promote the cultivation of food and to raise small species of animals.

Fosters a greater availability of food for families through:

  • Diversified patches
  • Diversified plots
  • Raising of small species of animals

They may also improve their family income by selling surpluses.

Family economy


To develop knowledge and practices to administer family savings and budget.

Seeks to generate awareness in parents about:

  • Having a family budget
  • Savings
  • Prioritize investments in health, nutrition, education and home improvement
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